Our guest is journalist Sharifa Madrahimova

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On October 21, 2022, the next online meeting of the National Council for Independent Civil Society discussed important issues in our society.

The chief guest of the meeting was Sharifa Madrahimova, reporter of the local newspaper “Buvayda kozgusi” and blogger in Fergana region.

The following issues were mainly discussed at this meeting:

🔴 Farmer-cluster relations in the field of agriculture, cases of violation of labor rights of workers;

🔴 About the fact that some illegal actions are taking place in the field of public education of Fergana region, that is, cases of forcing former graduates of schools to study at various private universities;

🔴 Observation of various problems in working with citizens who came to the activists with complaints, in particular, cases of reversal of opinions of some complainants after the investigation of their applications;
🔴 Different attitudes of different organizations towards journalists and bloggers;
🔴 Organizations that actively work with the public and show positive results in solving problems, and vice versa.

The Representative Office of the Association Central Asia in Uzbekistan invites bloggers, journalists and activists who study various problems observed in our society and are actively working on their solutions to exchange their experience. Share your experience with others! Contact us!