Interview with Mansurbek Yakubov from Khorezm region

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On October 13, 2022, the next online meeting of the National Council of “Independent Civil Society” was held by the Representative office.

The main guest of the meeting was Mansurbek Yakubov, member of the Council from Khorezm region, human rights activist.

The following issues were mainly discussed at this meeting:

🔴 Changes in the judicial system in Khorezm region, ensuring transparency in it, ensuring the participation of civil society.

🔴 Citizens’ attitude towards the sectors and officials in Khorezm where human rights are violated the most.

🔴 Cases of violence against women in the family, issues of ensuring gender equality, increasing the role of women in state administration bodies.

🔴 Problems in the education system. Increasing incidence of early marriage or violence against minor girls. There was a discussion about the delays or illegal actions of the responsible state organizations in this process.

Our next meeting will be held next week. If you have any questions, send them to us! We look for ways to solve various problems in our society together. Keep following us.