The main guest of this meeting is Bekzod Mallaev

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At the next meeting of the council, child labor was discussed in Kashkadarya region during the cotton season.

Yesterday, on August 18, the next online dialogue of the activists of the National Council of “Independent Civil Society” under our organization was held. Polat Ahunov, head of our main organization located in Sweden, also participated in it.

The main guest of this meeting is Bekzod Mallaev, head of our Council in Kashkadarya region, human rights activist.

In recent years, despite the large-scale efforts against forced labor in our country, it was noted that during the cotton harvest last year in some districts of Kashkadarya region, parents are using child labor.

During this conversation, we will touch upon the issues related to child labor observed in agricultural work in Kashkadarya region, the activities of cotton clusters, violations of workers’ rights by the “Indorama Agro” cluster, and the indifference of some officials to these processes.