Interview with Zohidjon Zakirov

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Interview with Zohidjon Zakirov, head of the Namangan regional branch of the National Council of Civil Society.

On August 11 of this year, an online meeting of the members of the National Council of the “Independent Civil Society” organized under the representative office of the “Central Asian Association” Society in Uzbekistan was held.

The main guest of this meeting, which was led by Polat Ahunov, the head of the “Central Asian Association” Society located in Sweden, and Gulnoz Mamarasulova, the director of the organization’s representative office in Uzbekistan, was Zahidjon Zakirov, a member of the Council in Namangan region.

During the interview, the situation related to human rights in Namangan region was discussed in detail based on the questions asked by the members of the Council.

We will introduce the members of our Council, who are working in different regions of the republic, at our next meetings.

You can see the full content of this conversation in the following video: