Lecture on elimination of all forms of discrimination in education was held by Ms. Gulnoz Mamarasulova

Sustainable Development Goal 4 titled ‘Quality Education’ is one of the core goals of the SDGs developed by the United Nations in 2015. This goal aims to achieve universal access to a quality education by reducing disparities and inequities consistently.

TSUULL University contributes to UN SDG through its teaching and community projects. Our Public Lecture Program TSUULL Talks (https://tsuull.uz/uz/node/2304) is a part of the University’s efforts to contribute knowledge, thought-leadership and innovative ideas to the region.

Today’s guest lecture on elimination of all forms of discrimination in education was held by Ms. Gulnoz Mamarasulova, the Director of the Representative Office of Association Central Asia in Uzbekistan (https://acaro.uz/en/) – a network for democracy and human rights which aim is to promote the implementation of democratic reforms and the formation of civil society and to promote the observance of human rights in Uzbekistan without deviating from the law.

The participants have been given a copy of the ratified Convention against Discrimination in Education of the UNESCO to familiarize themselves with their fundamental rights and state’s obligations to ensure free and compulsory education, and ban any kind of discrimination promoting equality of educational opportunity.

During the lecture, TSUULL students were informed about the true meaning of discrimination and its types. Later, the term was interpreted within the frames of education and authentic issues related to the topic in the community were analyzed.

The audience demonstrated great enthusiasm towards the issues arisen in the society and the causes and potential resolutions were suggested by both parties – the lecturer and the audience. A few participants acknowledged that the lecture shed light into their understanding of discrimination in education immensely and they started to recognize the related instances clearly from their experience.

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